Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 9

So it snowed last night here and I slept in, waaay in. I didn't want to wake up mostly because I was having a Disney dream last night. Its like I was watching the Disney movie, but I was in it.
The characters didn't  see me but I was having a blast. Especially since it was of my favorite movie of all time! The Incredibles!
At first in my dream I was getting a Blu ray version of the movie which is supposed to come out in spring anyway.
Then my dream just totally warped in to a sequel with TWO  Mr. Incredibles! Elasta-Girl got in trouble because she was with both, and when the real Mr. Incredible found out he was understandably upset.
Their kids seemed to get a kick out of it. When both Mr. Incredibles realized what could happen with two superheros rather than just one, they hatched a plan, but first they were having fun with the kids.
Can you tell them apart? Haha, nope!
Yesterday my sister told me of a dream she had the night before, it was a Disney dream, she said it was really cool but creepy at the same time.
She even mentioned Snow white! 
She said it was odd because she Never has Disney dreams, and she always watches the Disney channel!
I wonder if Iona had anything to do with this? Because I myself have not seen the Incredibles in a while.
If she did, I hope she visits me next time!

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