Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 15

Today I await my positive energy jewelry. I look forward to starting a new beginning with a positive outlook ant a fresh start. Again, I am not saying that this WILL work, but its good to keep an open mind. :) Iona has been very quiet and nothing going on. I think she is waiting till we get in to our house, which hopefully will be this Thursday. I did have a crazy dream last night, and I am not saying in any way, shape or form did Iona have any part of this dream because this is not like her. I was on a school bus full of children and somehow pizza was involved. I took a slice that was supposedly one of the snobbiest girls and she got upset and blabbed to everyone on the bus two seconds before I got on. So I get on and its a usual bus I dropped the slice behind my seat and some kid starts hammering the crust of it to the metal bars under the seat which was exposed. All of a sudden the bus is flooded with dank water, and it was very high. It was not moving but it was just strange how a bus full of kids was just flooded. It reminded me of the old pbs show we used to watch as  kids, The Magic School Bus, I half expected Ms. Frizzle to take us on some kind of adventure. I look behind my seat to see if the kids were fine, they seemed unaffected. I looked down at the now floating pizza, it had a bite taken out of it. Randomly some kid leaps out of the water, like flipper or Shamu would and just takes another bite of the pizza and returned to the watery depths of the school bus. This time the bite looked like Jaws had mangled it. I woke up. What the heck is that all about?


  1. lol...even though its not a good dream but I would classify that as childlike dream. those are the kind of dreams my kids have and they wake up and tell me about them..:)

  2. Thanks cuz! That's a good observation, I will keep this one in mind to ask her about later on!