Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 8

So, nothing new going on. Iona is still quiet.
When I picked her up yesterday from my in laws house my sister noticed that she didn't reek of smoke, interestingly enough, she said she smelled like rain!
Quite unusual because where I live it has been over 100 days since we last had any kind of precipitation.
I have been telling Iona about how my husband and I are having a hard time looking for a place, and one day out of the blue a woman e-mailed me telling me to call her for a property she owns to rent.
Unfortunately I had not been able to get a hold of her I thought that someone else had rented it out.
Then yesterday my phone rings, and its the lady.
I don't know if Iona helped us out, just sheer dumb luck, or all the praying I have been doing, but we are going to look at the property on Thursday!
It seems  too good to be true! I hope it all works out, and we will finally have a place to call our home!
I'm sure Iona will feel more comfortable for us to have a place as well. I feel as if If I am not comfortable in a place, she wont be either, which means no visits from Iona. Here's to hoping something will go our way!


  1. Cool..I like this blog, and I will continue to read it!