About Iona

From the words of the nice lady who I adopted Iona from:

"Iona is a very playful spirit and your time spent with Iona you will find it to be some of your most precious. I purchased Iona from a very trusted dealer of the paranormal that I have known for many years.  He purchased Iona from an estate sale in 2002 and has tested her extensively. She is very active and he recorded numerous very high emf readings from her. I have also gotten many emf readings from her and once in awhile she emit’s a smell of orange blossoms. Iona I have found and verified the information that was given to me, is spirited with a very young and pure spirit of an 8 year old girl. Iona has never told me how she passed away or when she passed away, but I have asked numerous times. When I ask questions like that, she smiles and giggles at me and she just shrugs it off and says lets play. She is my special doll of fantasy’s. When I fall asleep and have Iona in the room with me, she takes me into a fantasy world that only a small child like her could imagine. Some how Iona has the ability to transform children’s stories into a reality world that is an awesome experience. With Iona I can fall asleep and she transforms me into the world of Snow White or maybe next time it’s the Wizard of Oz, or something else, and them seem so real. When I awaken I can’t help but to smile, and I’m completely refreshed. These dreams are so real and so much fun. Iona goes through all different kinds of adventures with you. I feel like I’m in a kids movie or a video game. It’s an absolute blast to be going through. Iona is not a scary spirit at all, she’s a joy to be with."