Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 10

It snowed again yesterday, buts its really icy out there now!
This whole time I am still at my parents house because the weather seems a bit dangerous for me to drive on those icy roads.
  Last night while watching TLC my sister thought she saw an edge of her Pokemon blanket lift up, but since I didn't see it and the heater turned on at the same time Im not sure if there was anything paranormal about that.
I had a different dream last night, it was more action than Disney, call me silly, but I luuuuurve Sailor Moon. I recently bought the whole collection but I have not seen it yet.
So my dream was that I was Sailor Moon (how silly) and that we had to save Sailor Jupiter because she was in a metal box filled with water so she was basically being drowned.  Before all this I was in an abandoned type house and something about how I was not supposed to be there.
Also I forgot to mention, in my previous dream of the Incredibles, in reality, the movie's reality, they lived in a house. In my dream though, they lived in a New York type house that looked like a building.
I don't know if the houses are of any significance, but they both had an odd feeling about them.
I don't remember much after that, but this most likely has absolutely nothing to do with Iona.
I did show her how it snowed though!
Its nice talking to someone who will listen, even if they cant talk back, besides my little Sophia of course!
Oh and on Sophia's note, she has been gettin along with Iona very well, no growling any more yet.
But the other dogs in the house will sometimes run to the rooms genera direction and bark their little heads off. Especially Fievel, the littlest dog one of Sophia's pups. She had never came this way to bark and grow before, but she comes here a lot and does that. Who knows, it could be that it is Iona, or just the fact that they are crazy little dogs! :)