Monday, August 8, 2011

6 Months and a few days later...

Its been far too long since Ive updated this site. Shame on me! With fighting with Staples to get my old laptop fixed, and moving to another place, Ive had a lot on my hands. My husband and I are now living with my parents house so Iona gets to visit with all kinds of animals and see different people. Its been tough, and Iona has noticed. Ive felt badly because I had not visited with her in awhile. She seemed to understand the situtation with out us having to talk to her.
At the end of July, Bob (my husband) and I were in the process of a hurried three day move.  After a long session and hitting the hay, I would hear a random "bump in the night". It sounded like objects moving, papers being tousled around, muffled bumps. At first I thought it was the fan and air conditioning turning on and off, resulting in settling and such. But, by the second night I realized it was Iona. I hadnt told her of the move because it all started so quickly.  So the next morning I tell her that we had to move in with my parents house because we could not afford living here any longer. She didnt have to worry as she was no way, shape, or form any fault for us moving. She was not going to be left abandoned, but we were taking her with us.
After getting settled at my parents house a few days later, I unpacked her from a tote bag along with baby blankets. I told Bob what I had heard the last couple nights before we left the other house, and he confirmed it with his own experiences he had by himself the first few nights when he started the packing. He said she was messing around the house a lot and it freaked him out a bit. The first night or so I had a dream about me comunicating with Iona though the EMF. I didnt think much about it probably a coincidence or not, who knows.
So a couple nights ago Bob ended up stranded at a friends house with my car because it was acting up. I couldnt get a hold of him till a bit after 1:30 am. After the drama ceased, I was about to go to sleep when I hear a package of crackers being tossed to the floor. I knew exactly what they were, the peanut butter sandwich crackers that my brother had brought in for snacks while we watched the movie Watership Down. I knew exactly where they had been, I had placed them directly on top of my blu ray player. I didnt know if she was throwing a tantrum or simlpy comunicating her presence. I believe that I had been talking to her, Im not sure if it was that night or the night before. I was telling her that she was a good friend and that I loved her. After the crackers were tossed to the floor, I apologized to her if I had offended her in any way with the drama, thanked her for her paitence, and being here for me when things werent  so great. After that nothing happened.
The next morning I gave her a kiss and a hug and thanked her once more. Hopefully things will start smoothing out soon, because we are still very young in our life to have this much drama.
Untill next time readers, feedback is welcomed and much appreciated! Thank you for reading, and your paitence with my tardiness.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 52

On Monday night, March the 14th, Iona became very active. I took extensive video on my i Phone however the limit so I can send it is under a minute. This is a real disadvantage because it does not do any justice. I showed how my emf was not picking up other objects and such, but I was not able to find it though weeding through all my footage. I will be investing into a legitimate camera so I can get good quality footage. This occurred between 2 and 3 am. Please Check it out! It is really fascinating!
P.s. Please excuse the music in the background, we were watching The Swan Princess as requested by Iona. I was not able to find it, but I asked her if she wanted to watch cartoons, since right before I asked if she liked them.  At 2:30 am all I could find was this movie in my instant queue on my Netflix. She seemed to really like it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 39-51

Got the emf meter, have not been able to use it as of yet, Iona has been quiet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 38

I'm getting my EMF meter probably today or tomorrow! Its in the state so I cant wait! As soon as I get it I will be experimenting with it, and if she is active hopefully we can get some pics or better yet video!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Days 29-37

Hello all!
I'm working on getting an EMF meter to try and communicate with Iona, so hopefully we can get this quick!
Since there have not been any updates for the past week I'm going to combine the dormant days in one post. I guess I will post next time when there is a real update. I will be revising the blog each month for less "no update" useless posts. Doing the day thing helps me keep up with how long I have had Iona. So, until further notice, no update. :p 
Please check out the ghostie pics if you have not done so already! :) Comments are more than welcome!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 28

So I found out that my husband took pictures the night he experienced Iona's presence. Its really wild! I cant figure out what the heck they are, hopefully someone can make something out. These were taken in Iona's genera direction. The first image that has the white lines are just the walls. You can see the pink streaks in the top left corner and the blurry stuff in the middle. Dunno what that could be. The last one has some weird mist type, couldn't really make that in to a face, looks odd. Comments are more than welcome! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 26 Full Moon Night

This has got to be one of the coolest updates yet! As most of you know last night was a full moon. I watched the Doll House Cam for a bit, but my speakers suck so I couldn't hear much of what was going on.
This was one of the few nights my husband was home, so I stayed up till about 2 am. my husband, the insomniac he is, stayed up the ENTIRE night.  He was giving me such a hard time he had kept his annoying attitude from when he was at work (bullshitting with the guys as he calls it) and just making me want to just choke him in general. LOL
Going back to the other night when he experienced someone watching him, he elaborated more about what happened. He said that the hair stood on the back of his neck and he noticed what was like a kid playing with him trying not to be noticed when he turned his head one way where he saw her she would be on the other side of him and when he turned his head the other way to see she would do the same thing as if not wanting to be seen, like peek-a-boo game. LOL I was a bit sad that I didn't experience this so I told him that he needed to wake me when this happened again.
On to last night,  so I went to bed around 2:00 am, the bed is a pull out couch in our living room because we want to buy a new bed for the bedroom. Anyway, so my husband is sitting about three feet away from me at the table  in the dining area, chipping away at rocks. Hes an arrowhead nerd, and loves to make his own arrowheads. Anyway, so around 3:35 he wakes me up all crazy eyed whispering Babe! Wake up! Shes doing it again! I of course was grouchy that he woke me up I wanted to get more sleep. I asked what was wrong, and he said that he had goosebumps it freaked him out so bad! He wasn't lying. He showed me his arms still had goosebumps all over. He said that his hair stood up at the back of his neck and he immediately looked over at Iona and the little ribbons on the front of her dress was swaying. There was no reason for that, there was no draft, he was sitting about two feet away from her, and all he did was look over at her. That really did freak him out. I laughed and I told Iona not to scare him, that he was a scardy cat. He got all annoying again, I guess to soothe his own nerves and while I tried to go back to sleep he started being really loud. I said just you watch Bob, Iona's going to scare you again!  I went back to sleep finally and at 4:02am he woke me up again all freaked out again, I asked whaaaaat? He said that he smelled citrus coming from her! I was like wtf?  We both knew that she supposedly emits a beautiful smell of orange blossoms. I am guessing that is what he smelled, he got the hair stood on end again, and smelled the orange blossoms. Its really neat if you asked me. I don't know if it was because of the full moon or because it will be a month since we have had her very soon. But it sure is interesting! Hopefully I can experience something like this soon! Interesting that she's already warmed up to my husband since he is never home, and many kids find him scary! Only time will tell, but this my friends is exciting!!! :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 25

I may be losing some of my audience because there is no activity with Iona. But you cant  rush these things. They have to be comfortable with you and their surroundings to come out of their shell. Though I talk to Iona and she doesn't respond, I know that she listens. Its almost been a month since Ive had her! Time sure does fly because it doesn't feel like its been that long! I know that shes happier too because when I see her she has a little smile that is different than the one she usually has. I will get a digital voice recorder soon so I can see if I can get some evps from her. I lost my other one I got when I got married, so if I don't find that one I will have to buy another. Hopefully she can interact with us somehow.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 24

Since I got my spirited jewelry things seem to be going interesting, not scary but nice. On one of the sites they say to listen to the little in audible voices. Sounds a bit psychotic, or crazy but its a way to help communicate with Iona. Im trying hard to listen for little voices, its difficult because most of the time I brush the little noises off. We did go and get a nice television for our house yesterday. We were very excited about it, so we put on Meet the Robinsons boy was the picture amazing! This morning while cleaning I asked her if she liked the movie, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I heard a giggle. Though I couldn't tell if it was in my head or whether I heard it audibly. Little experiences like these make me happy. I hope she becomes more active soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 23

Iona has been quiet, but she does look happier since the move! I have her in the kitchen/living area so she can see everything. I gave her a toy dog that has its own basket-bed, I told her that I had gotten it from my sister in law because the dog looked so much like my dog Sophia. So she could name it Sophia or whatever she wants to.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 22 Valentine's Day

I am back from my hiatus! We are finally getting settled in and getting used to calling this place our home. Iona seemed happier when I placed her in the kitchen/living area's built in cabinet. Its nice so you can see everything  from where she is at. I would post a picture but we currently have an air up mattress in the middle of the living room so I will do it at another time. I honestly don't think any activity happened. My husband however who is an insomniac stayed up the first couple nights, and he said the second night or so he kept hearing and seeing things out of the corner of his eye on one side of him then when he looked it wasn't there, only to see/hear it happening on the other side. He said he was freaked out but he didn't want to wake me up. Though disappointed he didn't wake me, I am happy that hopefully Iona will like her new home. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 18

We are going to be moving in to our house for next few days, so I might be behind on updates. Not that there is any anyway. Super happy! Hope Iona likes it too!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 17

Tomorrow is fast approaching, and hopefully we will be able to get in to our new house soon enough.
Last night I was falling asleep at random times and I was taking to Iona.
I asked her why she was not doing any activity, I asked if it was something we did or what not, and not surprisingly she didn't respond.
I invited her again to visit me in my dream world, then as I was about to fall in to a deep sleep I asked her whats wrong? Then I heard a child crying. I don't know if it was her.
Its hard to tell when the in-laws are doing other things, loud things for that matter, and cant tell me for sure if there was a scene in the television with a kid crying.
Anyone who has done ghost hunting, or had an experience with ghosts will tell you that they sound far away. Canned almost. That's how it sounded, it was sad, barely audible, but loud enough I could clearly hear them. I probably heard a few sobs and then it just was quiet.
Strange experience but it didn't leave me terrified, only concerned, and confusing.
If it was Iona, I did sleepy tell her to not be sad, she should be happy because I love her very much and I wont let anything bad happen to her.
Again I cant say for sure it was her, but if it was, I did try to comfort her. Hopefully she will be more active, but not in a sad way, because that does make me sad.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 16

Nothing unusual happened last night. I think the is dormant because we are getting things together and moving hopefully this Thursday. I did tell her before I went to bed that she is more than welcome to visit me in my dreams. I have not been having very good ones the past few nights, but hopefully when things settle down she will be comfortable soon enough.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 15

Today I await my positive energy jewelry. I look forward to starting a new beginning with a positive outlook ant a fresh start. Again, I am not saying that this WILL work, but its good to keep an open mind. :) Iona has been very quiet and nothing going on. I think she is waiting till we get in to our house, which hopefully will be this Thursday. I did have a crazy dream last night, and I am not saying in any way, shape or form did Iona have any part of this dream because this is not like her. I was on a school bus full of children and somehow pizza was involved. I took a slice that was supposedly one of the snobbiest girls and she got upset and blabbed to everyone on the bus two seconds before I got on. So I get on and its a usual bus I dropped the slice behind my seat and some kid starts hammering the crust of it to the metal bars under the seat which was exposed. All of a sudden the bus is flooded with dank water, and it was very high. It was not moving but it was just strange how a bus full of kids was just flooded. It reminded me of the old pbs show we used to watch as  kids, The Magic School Bus, I half expected Ms. Frizzle to take us on some kind of adventure. I look behind my seat to see if the kids were fine, they seemed unaffected. I looked down at the now floating pizza, it had a bite taken out of it. Randomly some kid leaps out of the water, like flipper or Shamu would and just takes another bite of the pizza and returned to the watery depths of the school bus. This time the bite looked like Jaws had mangled it. I woke up. What the heck is that all about?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 14

Iona, Sophia and I will be joining our husband in watchin the Superbowl today. No other updates. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 13

No update. Due to a family emergency I am unable to post an update for today.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 12

No update, I left last night to look at a house in another small town near by, which we are going to rent! Great news! Now we can finally be at peace and hopefully we can all come out of our shells, including Iona! :) Projected move in date, the 10th of February! Woot!  :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 11

Not really an update. Just an update of no updates. Haha.
I feel bad for Iona cos this whole time Ive been wrapped up in this house we might rent.
We are that much closer to getting our own place, since this afternoon we will be seeing the house, and hopefully making a deal, and ultimately moving in.
Its taking a lot of energy out of me and just draining me completely.I guess that's why Iona has been so quiet. Everything has taken a mental toll on me that if something did happen I would have probably missed it anyway.
I hope to God that we get this place and get settled soon so we all can live happy and more or less stress free. Its a given that life will be stressful no matter what, but I will be much happier and at peace when we get a place. I just hope that when that does happen and Iona gets settled in with us she will come out and play.
I have been talking to her, saying good morning, good night, hello, talking to her about my activities, hugging her and lightly kissing her on the cheek or or her head. So I hope she doesn't think I am neglecting her in any way, though she might feel that I am. :(  Please God, help us get this place today!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 10

It snowed again yesterday, buts its really icy out there now!
This whole time I am still at my parents house because the weather seems a bit dangerous for me to drive on those icy roads.
  Last night while watching TLC my sister thought she saw an edge of her Pokemon blanket lift up, but since I didn't see it and the heater turned on at the same time Im not sure if there was anything paranormal about that.
I had a different dream last night, it was more action than Disney, call me silly, but I luuuuurve Sailor Moon. I recently bought the whole collection but I have not seen it yet.
So my dream was that I was Sailor Moon (how silly) and that we had to save Sailor Jupiter because she was in a metal box filled with water so she was basically being drowned.  Before all this I was in an abandoned type house and something about how I was not supposed to be there.
Also I forgot to mention, in my previous dream of the Incredibles, in reality, the movie's reality, they lived in a house. In my dream though, they lived in a New York type house that looked like a building.
I don't know if the houses are of any significance, but they both had an odd feeling about them.
I don't remember much after that, but this most likely has absolutely nothing to do with Iona.
I did show her how it snowed though!
Its nice talking to someone who will listen, even if they cant talk back, besides my little Sophia of course!
Oh and on Sophia's note, she has been gettin along with Iona very well, no growling any more yet.
But the other dogs in the house will sometimes run to the rooms genera direction and bark their little heads off. Especially Fievel, the littlest dog one of Sophia's pups. She had never came this way to bark and grow before, but she comes here a lot and does that. Who knows, it could be that it is Iona, or just the fact that they are crazy little dogs! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 9

So it snowed last night here and I slept in, waaay in. I didn't want to wake up mostly because I was having a Disney dream last night. Its like I was watching the Disney movie, but I was in it.
The characters didn't  see me but I was having a blast. Especially since it was of my favorite movie of all time! The Incredibles!
At first in my dream I was getting a Blu ray version of the movie which is supposed to come out in spring anyway.
Then my dream just totally warped in to a sequel with TWO  Mr. Incredibles! Elasta-Girl got in trouble because she was with both, and when the real Mr. Incredible found out he was understandably upset.
Their kids seemed to get a kick out of it. When both Mr. Incredibles realized what could happen with two superheros rather than just one, they hatched a plan, but first they were having fun with the kids.
Can you tell them apart? Haha, nope!
Yesterday my sister told me of a dream she had the night before, it was a Disney dream, she said it was really cool but creepy at the same time.
She even mentioned Snow white! 
She said it was odd because she Never has Disney dreams, and she always watches the Disney channel!
I wonder if Iona had anything to do with this? Because I myself have not seen the Incredibles in a while.
If she did, I hope she visits me next time!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 8

So, nothing new going on. Iona is still quiet.
When I picked her up yesterday from my in laws house my sister noticed that she didn't reek of smoke, interestingly enough, she said she smelled like rain!
Quite unusual because where I live it has been over 100 days since we last had any kind of precipitation.
I have been telling Iona about how my husband and I are having a hard time looking for a place, and one day out of the blue a woman e-mailed me telling me to call her for a property she owns to rent.
Unfortunately I had not been able to get a hold of her I thought that someone else had rented it out.
Then yesterday my phone rings, and its the lady.
I don't know if Iona helped us out, just sheer dumb luck, or all the praying I have been doing, but we are going to look at the property on Thursday!
It seems  too good to be true! I hope it all works out, and we will finally have a place to call our home!
I'm sure Iona will feel more comfortable for us to have a place as well. I feel as if If I am not comfortable in a place, she wont be either, which means no visits from Iona. Here's to hoping something will go our way!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 7

So I felt terrible about leaving Iona alone at my in laws house. I went ahead and picked her up.
My sister took to her very well, she placed her in front of the TV and they watched the Disney channel. I thought it was cute.
I couldn't believe that I felt like I had left a part of me when I left her at there. As if I had left my dog there by herself. I treat my dog like she was my child, if I had one that is. :)
Iona is already making me feel like I am someone to her. I love her so much already. I cant wait till she visits me. :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 6

I am out of town visiting my parents this weekend. No update.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 5

I was out of the house yesterday mostly so no updates on Iona.
However, since I've adopted Iona, I have been pretty open about it, it seems that being open about it is too much for some people.
It looks as though It could affect some friendships, and perhaps even family, but I'm not sure quite yet.
Many people just don't understand. :(

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4

So my husband came home yesterday, and he was anxious to get me out of the house. So of course I was happy to go since I don't get to see him for weeks at a time.
I had told him about Iona before she came in but he was still a bit unnerved. I explained again what I told him before about her background, and he did seem relieved that no occurrences happened the first couple days I had her.
He asked what her name was, when I replied and told him that her name was of Scottish background and meant the isle or the island he looked shocked and said No way! I said yes why? Because he said, His middle name Lyle meant  the isle and was also of Scottish background.
It was an interesting fact that I hadn't put two and two together. Is there something more to this? or mere coincidence? Who knows, I guess we will find out later on.
When we came back he greeted her more warmly and asked that she wouldn't hurt him or anyone else. Im glad that he was nice to her after that. Im sure Iona is happy about that too.
Other than that nothing happened really, she stayed quiet. Probably because it was her first time meeting my husband, and it does take time to get used to his mug. Haha. :D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 3

So nothing extraordinarily unusual happened last night. Only thing was Sophia growled at her about 4 or 5 different times though out the day and night. Id find her just staring at the doll and let out a low growl.
It was not like the usual attack growl that she does when she wants to chase something but it was more of a 'WTF is that' kind of growl. It did startle me again, because when I looked at the clock the last few growls were around 3:00 am and you know what that means! Its the witching hour! OooOooOOOooooOoohhh. 
I got to thinking that having Iona in my room is not such a good idea since Sophia will growl at her if she senses Iona. Sophia will just have to tough it out because I live with my in-laws who are chain smokers, so I don't want Iona to be exposed to the nasty smell.
Also yesterday I was getting packages because I we are preparing for a new house, hopefully we will find one soon, but about half an hour passed when I heard distinct tapping or light touching of a finger to the cardboard box. It seemed as though she was curious so I told her that these boxes had appliances for the new house and I didn't want to open them because I didn't want to give any one any reason to want to use them before we got our house. So after that the noises stopped. 
Anyway, I stayed up last night till 4:00am half expecting something to happen, and half not quite yet comfortable sleeping around the doll.
Again when I got myself in bed I felt silly for feeling a little scared but I would still call it being cautious.
So last night I had another morbid dream, was not childlike, I honestly don't think, mostly because everyone was mean, well I take that back, I just now remembered like a little sing song  thing going on in the background while I was traveling somewhere with I don't know or remember who. I have never seen this place but it was very beautiful where I was at. the roads were not paved and were over grown with all kinds of greenery and flowers around them, that was nice. But when we got to our destination, which looked kind of creepy. We were hungry and the people there had bread and coke cherry soda, but the people were mean and would not help us, so I took the liberty of taking every piece of bread they had out of the bread baskets and took them.
Yea, okay... I just remembered, I did watch Tangled last night, so that could have contributed to that. I don't know. It has been said that if you watch something before you sleep and keep it in mind you will dream of it. But from what I know of Iona, she will give you dreams that are from the movies, but I'm guessing she would have to watch them too.
Whatever the reason it was still interesting, and gives me something to think about. As I continue on  we will see how this develops.  :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2

Well last night was not bad at all. I did have the jitters a bit because I was not sure what would happen. There was a few random bumps in the night but nothing that could be considered unusual.
I wouldn't say I felt terrified, I was just cautious, I don't know for sure if I can trust Iona just yet. But I told her not to scare us so I don't know if she was just inactive because I said not to scare us, because the thing earlier with Sophia did startle me, or because she does not feel comfortable yet.
The feeling is mutual because this is another soul in the room. Every time I glanced over to her, its not like a normal in animate object, its like you know that there is something more.
When you feel like there is a bad spirit you get this feeling of your life being in danger.  But with Iona, I get a warm feeling like she is curious about me, but means no harm. 
Last night I was kind of weary, I had a  little light lit up on top of my tv stand so I can get more light, and I had my computer on, tuned to Netflix watching Eloise, a cartoon movie. As soon as I did I felt a bit silly feeling scared, but when I shut my eyes, I knew that she wouldn't do anything to frighten me.
Normally, if I felt like something was going to scare me I would not sleep a wink.  But when I rolled over not facing my laptop I shut my eyes, and I dont know if it was because I just put on a kids movie or because she and I both have brown hair, but I was not even asleep I seriously shut my eyes for like 5 seconds and this image popped up as if I was dreaming, but I was not,  I saw a flash of a girl with long brown hair playfully running, and laughing. Though I could not hear it, Im sure she was.
I opened my eyes because it did startle me, I was not expecting it at all. I took it as a good sign that she liked it here so far, and I feel asleep soon after that.
So from her history it says she gives you childlike dreams. Im not sure if this was childlike or one of my other random WTF dreams, but it also could have been I watched this movie called Fly Me to the Moon, a kids movie about flies who go to the moon. Anyway the last bit I can remember is a lot of planes trying to take of and crash landing soon after. Not one blew up so I was relieved about that since my brothers girlfriend was in one of the aircrafts. It was being flown by a woman, and I thought it was funny because well it must have crashed because she was a female pilot.  But as I said they weren't the only ones who crashed. It did seem a bit scary but nothing I would consider an outright nightmare.  It was most likely cos of the movie, the astronauts did have trouble landing on the moon. 
All in all the night was good and Sophia and I slept soundly.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1

Today Iona arrived in the mail. I bought her off ebay about a week ago. I never expected to buy myself  a haunted doll before, but hey there is a first time for everything. I am studying parapsychology, so this may benefit me in my research.
From what the seller told me she is an 8 year old girl who died and her spirit is attached to this doll. She has the ability to give you childlike dreams and makes you feel as if you are in a wonderland. So this I thought was kind of cool.
The best part was she didn't look creepy at all. She is light skinned, brown hair and brown eyes, she is wearing a lilac dress with a lacy front. She reminded me of a few porcelain dolls I had growing up.
Anyway, so I got her at around noon today, I waited on the post man and as soon as I had the package I rushed inside. I gently opened the package I found numerous wads of newspaper and four plastic bubbles. She was wrapped in a pink plastic bag, I was going to untie it but I felt like she probably would want to see immediately where she was at. I welcomed her home and gave her a kiss.
My dog Sophia wanted to know what was going on, so I introduced her to the doll. Sophia sniffed at her starting from the bottom of her dress and slowly going her way up to the dolls face, she suddenly froze and began growling. It did freak me out a bit, because I know that dogs can sense things we cant see. I told Sophia to not growl at Iona because she is now a member of this household and we want to make her feel welcome.  I then explained to Iona that Sophia is a special dog because she has a seizure condition, and has to take medication twice daily. Sophia is a very protective dog, but is very nice when she loves someone. Sophia will have to get used to her being around.
It still startles me that Sophia growled at her, but I'm sure it was not because she is a bad spirit, but because she sensed that there was something off about the doll. I asked her not to scare us either and that I will respect and love her and I hope she will do the same.
So Iona has been with me for about  8 hours, and Sophia shows no signs of discomfort. She has stared at the doll at times but nothing else. I'm hoping that Iona really is a good spirit, because I started to wonder what have I gotten myself into? But then I think about what the seller told me, and she seemed like a really nice lady and would not lie about how Iona is not a scary spirit at all. So I am counting on that fact, and we will see what happens next.
Other than that I am very excited to have her here and hopefully we can be great friends, and enjoy each others company.