Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 11

Not really an update. Just an update of no updates. Haha.
I feel bad for Iona cos this whole time Ive been wrapped up in this house we might rent.
We are that much closer to getting our own place, since this afternoon we will be seeing the house, and hopefully making a deal, and ultimately moving in.
Its taking a lot of energy out of me and just draining me completely.I guess that's why Iona has been so quiet. Everything has taken a mental toll on me that if something did happen I would have probably missed it anyway.
I hope to God that we get this place and get settled soon so we all can live happy and more or less stress free. Its a given that life will be stressful no matter what, but I will be much happier and at peace when we get a place. I just hope that when that does happen and Iona gets settled in with us she will come out and play.
I have been talking to her, saying good morning, good night, hello, talking to her about my activities, hugging her and lightly kissing her on the cheek or or her head. So I hope she doesn't think I am neglecting her in any way, though she might feel that I am. :(  Please God, help us get this place today!

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