Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4

So my husband came home yesterday, and he was anxious to get me out of the house. So of course I was happy to go since I don't get to see him for weeks at a time.
I had told him about Iona before she came in but he was still a bit unnerved. I explained again what I told him before about her background, and he did seem relieved that no occurrences happened the first couple days I had her.
He asked what her name was, when I replied and told him that her name was of Scottish background and meant the isle or the island he looked shocked and said No way! I said yes why? Because he said, His middle name Lyle meant  the isle and was also of Scottish background.
It was an interesting fact that I hadn't put two and two together. Is there something more to this? or mere coincidence? Who knows, I guess we will find out later on.
When we came back he greeted her more warmly and asked that she wouldn't hurt him or anyone else. Im glad that he was nice to her after that. Im sure Iona is happy about that too.
Other than that nothing happened really, she stayed quiet. Probably because it was her first time meeting my husband, and it does take time to get used to his mug. Haha. :D

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