Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1

Today Iona arrived in the mail. I bought her off ebay about a week ago. I never expected to buy myself  a haunted doll before, but hey there is a first time for everything. I am studying parapsychology, so this may benefit me in my research.
From what the seller told me she is an 8 year old girl who died and her spirit is attached to this doll. She has the ability to give you childlike dreams and makes you feel as if you are in a wonderland. So this I thought was kind of cool.
The best part was she didn't look creepy at all. She is light skinned, brown hair and brown eyes, she is wearing a lilac dress with a lacy front. She reminded me of a few porcelain dolls I had growing up.
Anyway, so I got her at around noon today, I waited on the post man and as soon as I had the package I rushed inside. I gently opened the package I found numerous wads of newspaper and four plastic bubbles. She was wrapped in a pink plastic bag, I was going to untie it but I felt like she probably would want to see immediately where she was at. I welcomed her home and gave her a kiss.
My dog Sophia wanted to know what was going on, so I introduced her to the doll. Sophia sniffed at her starting from the bottom of her dress and slowly going her way up to the dolls face, she suddenly froze and began growling. It did freak me out a bit, because I know that dogs can sense things we cant see. I told Sophia to not growl at Iona because she is now a member of this household and we want to make her feel welcome.  I then explained to Iona that Sophia is a special dog because she has a seizure condition, and has to take medication twice daily. Sophia is a very protective dog, but is very nice when she loves someone. Sophia will have to get used to her being around.
It still startles me that Sophia growled at her, but I'm sure it was not because she is a bad spirit, but because she sensed that there was something off about the doll. I asked her not to scare us either and that I will respect and love her and I hope she will do the same.
So Iona has been with me for about  8 hours, and Sophia shows no signs of discomfort. She has stared at the doll at times but nothing else. I'm hoping that Iona really is a good spirit, because I started to wonder what have I gotten myself into? But then I think about what the seller told me, and she seemed like a really nice lady and would not lie about how Iona is not a scary spirit at all. So I am counting on that fact, and we will see what happens next.
Other than that I am very excited to have her here and hopefully we can be great friends, and enjoy each others company.


  1. lol. i'm wondering that you believe such crap. sure, if someone lists doll on a ebay it gets lost among thousands of other listings. but if he says that "doll is haunted" it will attract (weird) people and seller can also charge more for this "special" item.
    imo nothing unusual happens and doll will behave as any other. or will you be all bad things happening in your life (missed bus, lost glove) attributing to this poor item?

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for reading the blog. First off, I don't like to call this research crap, also like I said I never expected to buy a "haunted" doll. As for all the "weird" people who buy the dolls, everyone has their own motive, or reason. :) I don't necessarily believe or disbelieve that this is a haunted doll. As I said earlier, this is a blog to show my experiences to see what happens and I am hoping that this could help me in my parapsychology research. If she turns out to not be haunted, it wouldn't bother me any that I spent 20 bucks on this doll, because either way I would have dropped a 20 on a regular porcelain doll. Sure I may have wasted my time on this blog, but how I spend my time shouldn't be the concern of many, since I spend at most 30 minutes of my day typing up this blog. A good thing about typing up this blog besides quenching my own curiosity about the paranormal, I can take the time and re-read it if something does happen and factor in or out what happened before in life that could help prove or debunk it. Its an experiment of sorts, and what else is more fun than experimenting something that I and thousands of others are interested in? Thanks again for reading, and taking the time to comment. :)