Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 3

So nothing extraordinarily unusual happened last night. Only thing was Sophia growled at her about 4 or 5 different times though out the day and night. Id find her just staring at the doll and let out a low growl.
It was not like the usual attack growl that she does when she wants to chase something but it was more of a 'WTF is that' kind of growl. It did startle me again, because when I looked at the clock the last few growls were around 3:00 am and you know what that means! Its the witching hour! OooOooOOOooooOoohhh. 
I got to thinking that having Iona in my room is not such a good idea since Sophia will growl at her if she senses Iona. Sophia will just have to tough it out because I live with my in-laws who are chain smokers, so I don't want Iona to be exposed to the nasty smell.
Also yesterday I was getting packages because I we are preparing for a new house, hopefully we will find one soon, but about half an hour passed when I heard distinct tapping or light touching of a finger to the cardboard box. It seemed as though she was curious so I told her that these boxes had appliances for the new house and I didn't want to open them because I didn't want to give any one any reason to want to use them before we got our house. So after that the noises stopped. 
Anyway, I stayed up last night till 4:00am half expecting something to happen, and half not quite yet comfortable sleeping around the doll.
Again when I got myself in bed I felt silly for feeling a little scared but I would still call it being cautious.
So last night I had another morbid dream, was not childlike, I honestly don't think, mostly because everyone was mean, well I take that back, I just now remembered like a little sing song  thing going on in the background while I was traveling somewhere with I don't know or remember who. I have never seen this place but it was very beautiful where I was at. the roads were not paved and were over grown with all kinds of greenery and flowers around them, that was nice. But when we got to our destination, which looked kind of creepy. We were hungry and the people there had bread and coke cherry soda, but the people were mean and would not help us, so I took the liberty of taking every piece of bread they had out of the bread baskets and took them.
Yea, okay... I just remembered, I did watch Tangled last night, so that could have contributed to that. I don't know. It has been said that if you watch something before you sleep and keep it in mind you will dream of it. But from what I know of Iona, she will give you dreams that are from the movies, but I'm guessing she would have to watch them too.
Whatever the reason it was still interesting, and gives me something to think about. As I continue on  we will see how this develops.  :)

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