Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2

Well last night was not bad at all. I did have the jitters a bit because I was not sure what would happen. There was a few random bumps in the night but nothing that could be considered unusual.
I wouldn't say I felt terrified, I was just cautious, I don't know for sure if I can trust Iona just yet. But I told her not to scare us so I don't know if she was just inactive because I said not to scare us, because the thing earlier with Sophia did startle me, or because she does not feel comfortable yet.
The feeling is mutual because this is another soul in the room. Every time I glanced over to her, its not like a normal in animate object, its like you know that there is something more.
When you feel like there is a bad spirit you get this feeling of your life being in danger.  But with Iona, I get a warm feeling like she is curious about me, but means no harm. 
Last night I was kind of weary, I had a  little light lit up on top of my tv stand so I can get more light, and I had my computer on, tuned to Netflix watching Eloise, a cartoon movie. As soon as I did I felt a bit silly feeling scared, but when I shut my eyes, I knew that she wouldn't do anything to frighten me.
Normally, if I felt like something was going to scare me I would not sleep a wink.  But when I rolled over not facing my laptop I shut my eyes, and I dont know if it was because I just put on a kids movie or because she and I both have brown hair, but I was not even asleep I seriously shut my eyes for like 5 seconds and this image popped up as if I was dreaming, but I was not,  I saw a flash of a girl with long brown hair playfully running, and laughing. Though I could not hear it, Im sure she was.
I opened my eyes because it did startle me, I was not expecting it at all. I took it as a good sign that she liked it here so far, and I feel asleep soon after that.
So from her history it says she gives you childlike dreams. Im not sure if this was childlike or one of my other random WTF dreams, but it also could have been I watched this movie called Fly Me to the Moon, a kids movie about flies who go to the moon. Anyway the last bit I can remember is a lot of planes trying to take of and crash landing soon after. Not one blew up so I was relieved about that since my brothers girlfriend was in one of the aircrafts. It was being flown by a woman, and I thought it was funny because well it must have crashed because she was a female pilot.  But as I said they weren't the only ones who crashed. It did seem a bit scary but nothing I would consider an outright nightmare.  It was most likely cos of the movie, the astronauts did have trouble landing on the moon. 
All in all the night was good and Sophia and I slept soundly.


  1. Hey there, thanks for checking out my blog. Read your first two entries and I must say that I too had purchased a haunted doll from ebay not so much for the doll's story or alleged past life but for other reasons (film) and i must say that my gut told me that this was all a scam and I really didn't believe the doll was haunted. Needless to say, I've the doll for well over a year and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I have to admit that I was kind of hoping that something "strange" would happen but that never happened. Still, I'm curious about your story and what happens.


  2. Thank you for reading my blog as well! I will keep updating each day. So keep checking in and hopefully we will have some activity soon.

  3. Hi Meatballhead, your blog is very interesting. Can you provide us the seller name? There is so many fraud about haunted objets on ebay... Thanks!


  4. Hi Bella!
    Thank you for looking at my blog. Ive decided to keep the sellers name private, but I will ask her if she wants her name to be mentioned in my blog. Please keep coming back as I will be updating every day!