Monday, August 8, 2011

6 Months and a few days later...

Its been far too long since Ive updated this site. Shame on me! With fighting with Staples to get my old laptop fixed, and moving to another place, Ive had a lot on my hands. My husband and I are now living with my parents house so Iona gets to visit with all kinds of animals and see different people. Its been tough, and Iona has noticed. Ive felt badly because I had not visited with her in awhile. She seemed to understand the situtation with out us having to talk to her.
At the end of July, Bob (my husband) and I were in the process of a hurried three day move.  After a long session and hitting the hay, I would hear a random "bump in the night". It sounded like objects moving, papers being tousled around, muffled bumps. At first I thought it was the fan and air conditioning turning on and off, resulting in settling and such. But, by the second night I realized it was Iona. I hadnt told her of the move because it all started so quickly.  So the next morning I tell her that we had to move in with my parents house because we could not afford living here any longer. She didnt have to worry as she was no way, shape, or form any fault for us moving. She was not going to be left abandoned, but we were taking her with us.
After getting settled at my parents house a few days later, I unpacked her from a tote bag along with baby blankets. I told Bob what I had heard the last couple nights before we left the other house, and he confirmed it with his own experiences he had by himself the first few nights when he started the packing. He said she was messing around the house a lot and it freaked him out a bit. The first night or so I had a dream about me comunicating with Iona though the EMF. I didnt think much about it probably a coincidence or not, who knows.
So a couple nights ago Bob ended up stranded at a friends house with my car because it was acting up. I couldnt get a hold of him till a bit after 1:30 am. After the drama ceased, I was about to go to sleep when I hear a package of crackers being tossed to the floor. I knew exactly what they were, the peanut butter sandwich crackers that my brother had brought in for snacks while we watched the movie Watership Down. I knew exactly where they had been, I had placed them directly on top of my blu ray player. I didnt know if she was throwing a tantrum or simlpy comunicating her presence. I believe that I had been talking to her, Im not sure if it was that night or the night before. I was telling her that she was a good friend and that I loved her. After the crackers were tossed to the floor, I apologized to her if I had offended her in any way with the drama, thanked her for her paitence, and being here for me when things werent  so great. After that nothing happened.
The next morning I gave her a kiss and a hug and thanked her once more. Hopefully things will start smoothing out soon, because we are still very young in our life to have this much drama.
Untill next time readers, feedback is welcomed and much appreciated! Thank you for reading, and your paitence with my tardiness.


  1. I was waiting on this update! Its been so long!

  2. Thank you! It most certainly has been awhile!